Industry Focus

One of the hallmarks of our firm is a devotion to delivering the highest level of service to our clients. We believe that our clients are expert in their chosen fields and that they deserve expert advice. We are experts in numerous technical and professional aspects of business, accounting, tax, finance and capital markets, and troubled company advice. But we take our commitment to service to a higher level. We only take on assignments with clients where we have a deep understanding of the business from a "been there, done that" experience base.

Over our careers we have been C-level executives, directors, and advisors to a broad range of businesses. We know what it takes to run a complex business and take it through challenging times. We are more than consultants who just ask the "what and why" questions. We help our clients figure out the "how" questions and we do this from a substantial base of experience in the industries we know best. If you are in one of our select industry categories, please give us a call and we can arrange an initial consultation to see if we could assist you.